more about ash

    It all started probably a little later than most - around 2001. I'd just moved to a new subdivision in NC and met a bunch of the local kids, a lot of whom liked Pokemon. My younger brother had played Pokemon Gold in 1999, but I wasn't overly interested at the time. Once we moved and I saw the neighborhood kids having so much fun playing the card game, though, I was hooked.

    I started collecting trading cards, playing the games, and watching the anime like crazy on and off through the years. I don't have my original collection of trading cards unfortunately, but I have about 1,000 or so in my posession right now! I love my trading cards; I'll be putting pictures of them up later. >w<

    I am a very casual Pkmn player. I really adore the games, but I never got into the competitive side of them. I don't breed for IVs or hunt/breed for shinies. I actually don't like the sprites of most shinies so they've never meant too much to me. I actually only just caught my first shiny in the wild (caught OR encountered, that I know of) on my playthrough of Pokemon X. Kind of crazy. There are a few shinies that I would love to have, but really not many. I may make a list on my goals page! c:

Anyway, here's a bunch of info that nobody probably cares about, but I feel like providing anyway:

Games Played

• Pokemon Gold (1999)
• Pokemon Crystal (2000)
• Pokemon Stadium (2000)
• Pokemon Stadium 2 (2001)
• Pokemon Ruby (2002)
• Pokemon Platinum (2008)
• Pokemon White 2 (2012)
• Pokemon X (2013)
• Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (2014)
• Pokemon Moon (2016)


I hadn't ever really recorded any of this stuff in the past, but here are all my firsts (seconds, thirds, lol) starting with Pkmn X!

• First Shiny Caught In The Wild: Pokemon X 08.28.2014 - ♀ Basculin (Lv. 35) on Route 16 with a Quick Ball

• First Level 100: Pokemon X 08.30.14 - ♂ Talonflame, met on Route 2 at Lv. 3 on 10.12.13
• Second Level 100: Pokemon X 09.09.14 - ♂ Leafeon, met on Route 10 at Lv. 19 on 11.08.13
• Third Level 100: Pokemon X 09.12.14 - ♂ Pokeball Pattern Vivillon, met at a Pokemon Center (Event) at Lv. 12 on 08.06.14

• First Level 100: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 03.03.15 - ♂ Swampert, met on Route 101 at Lv. 5 on 11.21.14
• Second Level 100: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 03.14.15 - X Metagross, met at an online Present (Event) at Lv. 5 on 11.21.14
• Third Level 100: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 03.15.15 - ♀ Lilligant, met at Mirage Forest at Lv. 37 on 02.17.15