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    Hello and welcome to HeartScale, Ashley's home for all her pokemon fandom craziness! I have been a Pokemon fan since my tender preteen years - somewhere around 1998. My interest in Pokemon related things has ebbed and flowed through the years but has thoroughly been rekindled by the release of Pokemon X and Y, and also (and probably mainly) rekindled by the slight comeback of fanlistings and fan collectives. I've been webdesigning for about as long as I've been a Pokemon fan, so making this site only seems proper!

    On this site exists information here on my previous history with all things pokemon, as well as some dedicated fansites and fanlistings, and lots of other nice things like links out and resources! I hope you enjoy your stay! Please feel free to friend me on Nintendo 3DS at any time, I would love to have more poke-friends. ♥ If you add me, please contact me and let me know so that I can add you back! c:

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